The Ranthambhore Bagh: Conservation

Earning our stripes

With the help of some of our guests and friends, we have been able to contribute something to the local community and environment. Some of our major achievements are listed below:


2010 - present: We run a Cattle kill compensation program along with Tiger Watch, a local NGO, under which compensation is paid for any cattle that is killed by a big cat outside the boundaries of the tiger reserve. The idea is to reduce man animal conflict in which animals almost always looses.

2007-2010: We sponsored the Forest Department’s project of restoring of three old open wells and permanent water holes around them in the Indala plateau, which is the driest part of the entire national park. We sponsored working on restoring the existing (but degraded) water harvesting structures in Indala and in creating new ones. In fact the largest water hole in Indala plateau is an old dammed lake that we restored for the forest department, a task that took nearly two years.

2006 – 2007: We were the main sponsors for the Anti Grazing and Wildlife monitoring project (popularly know as the Monsoon Project) that was carried out by the office of the Project Tiger, Ranthambhore National Park. See the weblog for more details

Donated water filters to all the forest guardhouses, provided them with homeopathic self-help kit. We have assisted the park authorities in making the first official check list of birds of Ranthambhore. We have also been collecting data on identification markings of the various different individual tigers of Ranthambhore, which we share with the forest authorities. We were actively involved in "Operation Co-operation" - an anti poaching measure carried out in collaboration between the forest department and a few volunteers.

Tiger Census

Voluntary work in the Annual Census right from organizing volunteers from colleges, putting them up at the resort at a nominal sum, guiding them in the census work so that it ends up aiding the Forest authorities in the census. Also actively involved in the all-night waterhole count, helping in logistics and sponsoring and distributing food for volunteers in machaans. machaans.


We conduct a charitable homeopathic camp, once a week, which is totally free and open for every resident of Sawai Madhopur. We have been doing continuous efforts to construct 4 new classrooms for the village school building at Bhadlav and the buildings are nearly completed. We support Dastakar Ranthambhore - a vilage women's organisation that develops and markets local crafts, amongst other things.

Special Camps

Hosting the camp of Kids for Tigers, the biggest awareness program in the country for schoolchildren on Tiger Conservation. We have also started a Ranthambhore Chapter of Kids for Tigers, working with local school children to create awareness about tiger conservation. We have also organized cleaning up operations and educational excursions into the park.