Cultural activities

Ranthambhore is dotted with ancient ruins, some which date back to over 1000 years ago. Some of the most prominent of these are the Ranthambhore and Khandar fort, the ancient temples at Rameshwaram ghat, the old tantric temple of Kalaji Goraji and even the old city of Sawai Madhopur. A visit to the local villages, which offers an insight into the life of the rural folks, can be very interesting.

Ranthambhore Fort

14 km from the lodge

This is a 1000-year-old fort at the periphery of the National Park, with a spectacular combination of Rajput and Mughal architecture. The base of the fort is a very good place for bird watching and you can see Parakeets, Doves, Fly-catchers, Peacocks etc, along with a large horde of monkeys. This is also the best place to see the Painted Spurfowl. A climb to the Ganesh temple on top offers great views of the park¹s landscape.

Dastakar Kendra

10 km from the lodge

Dastkari Kendra is a local NGO working with village women, creating alternate means of income by encouraging the local crafts. It is a good place to shop for local crafts, art and clothes. You have a colourful choice of Kurtis, skirts, patchwork quilts, black pottery and tie-and-dye attire. The really great thing about this place is that the profits go directly to the local village women.

Markets in Bajariya and Old City

5 to 10 km from the lodge

The Old city of Sawai Madhopur and its new twin Mantown are supply markets for the rural hinterland. They are typical semi urban markets of India with many small and quaint shops, multitudes of brightly dressed people, cows, hawkers - all of which make it a very vibrant place to see.

Village visits

10 to 30 km

Most villages around here have still not been "spoilt" by intrusion of cheap urban elements, unlike most other parts of north India. You could get a glimpse of a typical Aravali village and one of our staff would be glad to show you around.

rajasthan culture

"Where nature and human generosity meet, one gets places such as Ranthambhore Bagh! Exquisite personal contact with all the people working at the resort, coupled with lucky sightings in the park and a glimpse of Indian culture at its very best! Thanks."

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