The Ranthambhore Bagh: Visitors

 It is sheer irony that one of Ranthambhore Bagh's first visitors was actually a bagh (which is Hindi for tiger). Before we took up the place, a tigress came to the empty building and stayed for 3 days on the terrace with a kill. A lot of birds from lapwings, robins, mynas, flycatchers, sunbirds, tailorbirds, warblers, babblers, barbets, francolins, orioles, pigeons and doves have nested on our property. We have had diverse pets like dogs, rabbits, hare, hen, rooster, ducks, mongoose and even a hedgehog. It seems The Bagh's destiny was clear the day the tigress visited us. Ever since some 30,000 people of over 65 nationalities have come to The Ranthambhore Bagh with one aim - to get a glimpse of the magnificent tiger. Diplomats, families, newly weds, photographers, filmmakers, school trips, corporate teams, we've played host to diverse people bound by one common thread - the love of wildlife.

wildlife photography in ranthambore

The Ranthambhore Bagh is the regular haunt for all sorts of photographer, from enthusiasts to the world's top wildlife and nature photographers like Andy Rouse, Theo Allofs, Steve WintersDaisy GilardiniBrian W Matthews and Nick Garbut.

We have spent entire months offering local support to film camera teams from channels like BBC, TBS and NHK from Japan, National Geographic, Eire TV..... In fact, the Bagh is also the place of choice when they are not on assignment.

As a small gesture of charity, we have hosted the Spastic Home from Jaipur, Home for Street Girls from Thane and other social institutes, who stayed free of charge.

The Bagh has been an adventure getaway and the perfect team-building exercise for corporate groups from Airtel, Brittania, Coke, KPMG, Ranbaxy, ICICI and Sanctuary Magazine.


"It was sublime - I'll be back, thanks very much."

Harry Hook, Hollywood Director, UK.