News from Ranthambhore and its surroundings

Noor and Sultan

Noor and Sultan (in other words T 39 and her her male cub) have been the most rocking "wild" models this seaon. Their territory is in what is designated as Zone1, 2 and partly 6. They are not easy to find but when you do find them......................   Noor or T 39 With "Sultan" her 10 month old cub A big handfu [...]

Star Male or T 28 - A wild tiger's story

Somewhere during early 2006 T 27 or the Gilai Sagar female gave birth to a litter of two male cubs, which were given the Identification code of T 28 and T 29. Their father was T 2 or X male (so called because very little was known about him), who at that time was the most dominant tiger of the entire national park. The area where these two b [...]

Unnis or T 19 - A wild tiger's story

The three sisters – “Satara”, “Athara” and “Unnis” (or 17, 18 and 19 in Hindi) were born during the monsoon months (July to September) of 2006. They were the three female cubs of Machali’s (T16) last litter and T 2, who was then the most dominant male of Ranthambhore, was the father.  These thr [...]

Machali or T 16 - A wild tigers story

Machali or T 16 was born sometimes during the monsoons of 1997. She was the dominant cub amongst a litter of 3 females. I moved to Ranthambhore in 1998 and she was one of the first cubs that I saw in Ranthambhore. Since then I have had a strong emotional attachment to her. Machali in Hindi means “fish”. She was initially known [...]