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Theo Allof's wildlife photography masterclass

Theo Allofs is one of the best nature and landscape photographer in the world. He has been a full time professional photographer for over 30 years and has won almost every prestigious award that there is on the planet. He is one of the very few professional nature photographer in the world. In our opinion there are not more than 20 true professional nature photographers in the world. Amongst the many feathers in his cap is the fact that he is one of the founding members of International League of Conservation Photographers.

You can check out some of his work at

We are organising a series of workshops by Theo Allofs in India for medium to advanced level photographers. The workshops are on 26th and 27th March in Mumbai and  2nd and 3rd April 2016 in Bangalore .

The cost will be Rs 20,000 plus 3.63% Service Tax for a one day workshop . There will be two sessions of 3-4 hours in one day with lunch in between.

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During a one day long workshop Theo will teach medium to advanced photographers all essential tools to increase their wildlife and landscape photography skills. His presentation supported by many sample images projected on a large screen will help understanding the power of light and composition - the basics of photography. But he will also share his secrets of how to achieve award-winning images and will help you to widen your vision and extend your personal limits. Theo will explain what makes an excellent image, why “less is more” in a landscape photograph and how to open your mind to see opportunities when conditions are far from being photo- perfect.

The workshop is divided into two parts – landscape and wildlife. After each part there will be ample opportunities for questions.

Wildlife Photography

- rules and restrictions
- proper conduct
- common sense

- tripods and tripod heads
- camera bodies
- lenses
- bean bags
- ground level equipment
- flash cards
- external hard drives
- hide versus no hide
- photographing from a vehicle
- photographing from a boat

Animals in landscapes
- what lenses to use
- where to position the animal
- where to position ourselves
- how to photograph herds

- importance of the eye
- composition
- expression
- light
- angle
- close-ups

Animals in action
- frozen action
- motion blur with panning and without panning the camera
- “pop and drag” - the power of flash for dramatic artistic results
- tools to use

The different qualities of light in wildlife photography
- backlight
- front light
- side light
- midday
- low sun
- clouds
- shade

Landscape Photography

- tripods and tripod heads
- camera bodies
- lenses
- general rules for composition
- the power of elimination – the minimalist landscape
- wide angle versus tele lenses
- foreground selection for wide-angle shots
- the usage of natural light: low sun, midday, clouds, shadow, moon light, night photography, star trails
- flash for landscapes
- motion blur, an abstract approach
- photographing in different environments: deserts, mountains, oceans/lakes, forests
- flower photography
- macro landscapes
- aerials

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